I love to CREATE and share my CREATIONS, all are ORIGINAL and designed to make you HAPPY, HEALTHY and feel good!  Whether it's CREATING ORIGINAL ART or VEGAN Body, Bath & Home products I strive for UNIQUE and FUN, like my MASSAGE CANDLES or WHITE CHOCOLATE WHIPPED Body Butter, or Whimsical Pet Paintings I'm having fun!  Please Check them out, and have some fun with these ORIGINAL CREATIONS!

TX ORIGINAL CREATIONS is a culmination of several areas of my lifetime of creating! And I create new items all the time...
My ORIGINAL PAINTINGS ARE inspired by the colors of nature, be it the sea, lakes, rivers, clouds, flowers, but mostly I LOVE sunsets and sun rises. Many are from my photos. I have such fun mixing AND CREATING colors for my art AND trying new methods, tools and techniques. Learning and experimenting keeps my CREATIVE juices flowing! Sometimes I paint with Pallet Knives and sometimes with brushes using Oils and Acrylics. I paint on TOTES, PURSES and Stretched Canvases and whatever client's imaginations allow!
My ORIGINAL VEGAN Body, Bath and Home Products are ALL-NATURAL, mostly Organic AND HEALTHY.  Each Small Batch is tested by me. Each Product must be something I like and am PROUD TO SHARE with family, friends AND YOU!  I've been making many of these All-natural body products for over 45 years! Some are new to my collection, but always well tested by me, friends and family.
Life is A BIG AND FUN adventure and so are my TX ORIGINAL CREATIONS!

BTW my name is EVIE WALBERG and I'm a born, raised and PROUD TEXAN and have lived in Central Texas for the past 50 years. Thanks for checking out my Website.

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